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05 August 2014
New Master's student

After some extra immigration paperwork Queralt Plana Puig finally joined modelEAU early November. She pursues a Master's degree in Water Engineering regarding the use of the monEAU measuring stations on enhanced wastewater... Read more

05 August 2014
ICA2017 conference in Quebec City!

During the International Water Association specialist conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA2013) in Narbonne (France), the Specialist Group on ICA has voted to have modelEAU organise the next edition of... Read more

05 August 2014
4 trainees from INSA Toulouse

4 trainees coming from INSA Toulouse (France) spent the summer with modelEAU. Julie Cigna and Claire Lutignier improved their knowledge on primary settling as part of the primEAU team. Maxime Pigou worked for the respirEAU... Read more

05 August 2014
Group picture!

modelEAU's latest team picture is available on its website (http://modeleau.fsg.ulaval.ca/en/people/all/).  Read more

05 August 2014
SANITAS project

As part of his role as member of the scientific advisory board of the EU Sanitas project (http://www.sanitas-itn.eu/), Peter Vanrolleghem stayed for a month at Lund University, one of the Sanitas academic partners. He took up... Read more

05 August 2014
Scientific advisory committee of ICRA

After his visit last May to ICRA, the Catalan Institute for Water Research, located in Girona (Spain), Peter Vanrolleghem was invited to join its scientific advisory committee, see... Read more

28 May 2013
Arrival of a new PhD student

On May 30th Céline Vaneeckhaute will join us for a PhD study on the modelling and optimization of nutrient recovery from wastewaters and sludge streams, in view of a sustainable production of marketable fertilizers with high ... Read more

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