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05 August 2014

From May 19 to October 17, Clarisse Aaron from the Hautes Études d’Ingénieur Lille is visiting modelEAU as a trainee on the dessablEAU project. Her work will focus on the characterization of the settling velocities and particles size in a grit chamber of a preliminary treatment unit.

On May 5, Charles Bérubé and Philippe Morais joined modelEAU as bachelor trainees. They both completed their sophomore year in water engineering at Université Laval and will respectively work on hybrid respirometry and the links between process rate in activated sludge and settling velocity of particles at the effluent of a grit chamber.

Between May 12 and July 25, Cindy Cardenas, who holds a bachelor’s degree in water engineering from Université Laval, will work as a trainee in modelEAU on modelling the ViCAs method to assess the fate of suspended particles in wastewater and stormwater.

On June 2nd, Charles-Florian Picard, student at the AgroParisTech and Chimie ParisTech, has joined modelEAU for a 3-month traineeship during which he will perform statistical analysis and dynamic modelling of the fate of micropollutants in a primary clarifier.

Maxime Roussel, sophomore student at the École d’Ingénieurs du Centre des Études Supérieures Industrielles (CESI) and at the Societé d’Aménagement Urbain et Rural (SAUR) France, has joined modelEAU for a 5-month traineeship (May-September) during which he will work on the water quality monitoring stations monEAU.

Yoann Vidal, 4th year student at INSA Toulouse, has joined modelEAU for a 3-month traineeship (July-September) to help installing and maintaining automatic monitoring stations for the dessablEAU project. He will also collect samples and perform water quality analysis in the laboratory.

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