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Iván Pacheco García - 04/02/2013 : 04/07/2013
Specialisation : Concentration in Biomedical sciences


Contact :
Phone : 418-656-2131 ext 4876
E-mail : ivan.pacheco-garcia.1@ulaval.ca
Department of Civil Engineering and Water Engineering - Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot - 1065, Médecine avenue

Research fields :

Iván was finishing his studies in biology at the University of Girona, Spain, when he joined modelEAU. Previously, he collaborated in a research project in the field of immunochemistry and experimental medicine. Iván has worked in a quality control laboratory where he studied the water quality in some points of Barcelona, Spain.

He came to Université Laval to learn more about wastewater treatment. Within the primEAU project, he learned how micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products behave in wastewater treatment plants. In order to reach this, he worked on the determination of lipids concentration using the Soxhlet method and the determination of total sugar from the biomass in wastewater, as well as on the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by BODTrack.

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Faculty of Science and Engineering - Université Laval
Peter Vanrolleghem - Department of civil engineering and water engineering - Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot - 1065, Médecine avenue, Office 2974
Québec (Québec) - Canada - G1V 0A6 - Telephone : +1-418-656-5085 Email : peter.vanrolleghem@gci.ulaval.ca
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