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Professeur - generique
Mathieu Beaupré - 01/06/2006 : 19/01/2011
Specialisation : Engineering civil


E-mail : mathieu.beaupre.1@ulaval.ca

Projects :
Automated monitoring stations for water quality

Research fields :

Mathieu Beaupré, BSc. in chemical engineering, has started his master's degree in civil engineering under the direction of Professor Peter A. Vanrolleghem and under supervision of Dr. Leiv Rieger. His work was mainly about developing tools for data quality evaluation for online sensors. This work partly fits into modelEAU's workpackage in the EU-funded project NEPTUNE (New sustainable concepts and processes for optimization and upgrading municipal wastewater and sludge treatment) in which the modelEAU group is involved.

On-line sensors are more and more used, whether it's for monitoring of aquatic environments, e.g. lakes, rivers, etc. or for process control, e.g. WWTPs, drinking water production and distribution, etc. The advantage of on-line sensors vs. laboratory analysis is that they can provide measurements at high frequency: it can reach many measurements per minute. On the other hand, due to field conditions which sensors are exposed to and the lack of follow-up, it is often impossible to determine the quality of the data provided on-line sensors. That is the reason why within his studies, Mathieu Beaupré developed a protocol to standardize field conditions such as air bubbles (aeration tank of WWTPs), turbidity (activated sludge), etc. with the aim of evaluating performances criteria of on-line sensors.            

Recent publications :

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