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Professeur - generique
Marie-Ève Boucher - 04/05/2009 : 14/08/2009


E-mail : marie-eve.boucher.4@ulaval.ca

Projects :
New Sustainable Concepts and Processes for Optimization and Upgrading Municipal

Research fields :

The main goal of the internship was to contribute to the development of the Neptune project. The first specific task was to create an Excel sheet ready to design a wastewater plant for BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Two existing guidelines for design were use to determine the equations needed in the Excel sheet: Metcalf and Eddy and German ATV directives.

Effluent requirements (nitrate, ammonia and phosphorus) are conform to the criteria stipulated by European directive (91/27/EEC). Others requirements used in the design are typical values given by Metcalf and Eddy (mixed liquor suspended solids concentration and concentration of biomass in the effluent).

Then, two design processes were compared: Modififed Ludzack-Ettinger and A2/O processes. The first is designed with a chemical precipitation for phosphorus removal and the second is designed with an anaerobic tank for biological phosphorus removal.

The second task was to use the results from the design in a dynamic simulation with WEST software.

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