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Characterizing and modelling the influent and the effluent of grit chambers

A grit chamber is a preliminary treatment unit that can be found in most wastewater treatment plants to protect the equipment and processes downstream. This unit is designed to remove inorganic particles, generally sand, that can harm pumps and accumulate in the biological reactors, reducing their efficiency. However, despite its importance, extensive research on grit chambers is lacking and their efficiency is increasingly questioned.

This project aims to meet the expectations of municipalities and industry by producing a reliable and standardized characterization protocol of the water quality at the inlet and the outlet of a grit chamber, including a sampling procedure and a methodology to analyze the collected samples. Particles attention is given to the measured of the particle settling velocity distribution (PSVD) using the ViCAs protocol. PSVD-based dynamic models of two different types of grit chambers (aerated and vortex grit chambers) will be developed to describe the water quality at the outlet. Doing so, the modelling of the entire wastewater treatment plant will be significantly improved. Finally, optimization scenarios for the design and operation of grit chambers will be proposed and tested on a pilot vortex provided by the industrial partner Veolia.

Publications :
    Conference proceedings
  • Plana, Q., Lessard, P. and Vanrolleghem, P. A. (2019) Dynamic grit chamber modelling: Dealing with particle settling velocity distributions. In: Proceedings 10th International IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment (WATERMATEX2019). Copenhagen, Denmark, September 1-4 2019.  

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