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(2009 : 2010)

New Sustainable Concepts and Processes for Optimization and Upgrading Municipal

New Sustainable Concepts and Processes for Optimization and Upgrading Municipal Wastewater and Sludge Treatment

Due to increasing demands on treatment efficiency, most of the existing wastewater infrastructure faces needs for optimization, upgrading or retrofitting. Measuring and control concepts are a cost-saving and environmentally friendlier alternative to the extension of reactor volumes and are an excellent solution to adapt the plant to different loadings and to free already existing but unused capacities. A drawback is that a controlled plant is often driven to the limits of its capacity and subsequently sensor- or other equipment failures can cause severe effluent limit violations if unsuitable control concepts are used. Urgently needed fault-detection concepts do not exist or are inefficient in daily operation despite the fact that measurements are the input for control loops and the basis for cost-effective plant operation. Due to the above there is a strong need for new tools and new strategies to increase the reliability and fault-tolerance of control systems in wastewater treatment. In the described research project the available knowledge and experience from different disciplines shall be collected and translated into engineering practice. The work is split into six parts:

A) Definition of "Best available technology" for the required sensors with respect to process control.

B) Fault detection: selection of the most robust algorithms for fault detection.

C) Review of existing and development of innovative control strategies for nutrient removal.

D) Development of fault-tolerant and efficient control systems with fall-back strategies depending on data quality and process behaviour.

E) Assessment of all control strategies in the IWA Control Benchmark and with full-scale data.

F) Implementation of concepts at pilot or full-scale plant.

Publications :
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  • Lagacé, E., Corominas, L., Vanrolleghem, P. A. and Rieger, L. (2009) Improving design of measuring and control systems by introducing sensor models into dynamic WWTP simulation. Lecture held at Americana 2009. Montréal, Québec, Canada, March 17-19 2009.  

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