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Françoise Tardif - 02/05/2016 : 19/08/2016
Specialisation : Water Engineering


E-mail : francoise.tardif.1@ulaval.ca
De;partment of Civil Engineering and Waer Engineering - Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot - 1065, Médecine avenue.

Projects :
Characterizing and modelling the influent and the effluent of grit chambers

Research fields :

Françoise is doing her bachelor's degree in Water Engineering at Université Laval.

She works on the dessablEAU project more precisely on the standard protocol for characterizing particulate pollutants around a grit removal system. She will analyse grits samples from multiple grit removal systems in different conditions to know the composition of the grits. She will compare grit’s pretreatments. Also, she participates in the elaboration of a model to optimize the performance of a vortex Mectan grit removal system.

Recent publications :

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Faculty of Science and Engineering - Université Laval
Peter Vanrolleghem - Department of civil engineering and water engineering - Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot - 1065, Médecine avenue, Office 2974
Québec (Québec) - Canada - G1V 0A6 - Telephone : +1-418-656-5085 Email : peter.vanrolleghem@gci.ulaval.ca
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