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Détails du professeur
Mario Regneri - 25/09/2010 : 31/01/2015
Specialisation : Integral modelling of purification systems


E-mail : mario.regneri@tudor.lu
Web Site : www.crte.lu
Université du Luxembourg

Projects :
Integrating river ecohydraulics in urban stormwater management

Research fields :

Mario is a civil engineer from the University of Applied Sciences Trier, in Germany. And he also has a civil engineer master's degree from the University of Portsmouth, in Great Britain. He did a PhD thesis at Luxembourg University.

His project was: "FUZZY SURE - Multi-criteria optimization of the integrated Haute-Sûre wastewater system".

Studies on integrated management of sewer systems and treatment plants have shown significant advantages of this mode compared to the isolated operation of the two subsystems. According to long computing times, optimization of such integrated simulation models is up to now mostly just for one objective criterion. Due to increasing interdisciplinary objective criteria, the resulting potential has to be optimized according to both ecological and economic terms. In this case "fuzzy-decision-making" provides advantages in terms of transparency and computing time for multi-criteria optimization, due to implemented expert knowledge. In the framework of a newly built sewer system and wastewater treatment plant situated around the Haute-Sûre reservoir in the north of Luxembourg, this study (funded by the Fond national de la recherche de Luxembourg) investigates the possible use of fuzzy-decision-making for multi-objective optimization of an integrated control of sewerage and sewage treatment plant. The investigations were carried out in close collaboration with the association for sewage treatment SIDEN (Syndicat intercommunal de dépollution des eaux résiduaires du Nord), the Technical University of Darmstadt (G) and the Laval University (CA).

Recent publications :

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